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Affordable Airline Transportation

With 25+ years in the industry offering affordable transportation solutions for our Airline Partners, we make sure to meet your procurement goals. 

Transparent Transportation Services

Track your crew and our vehicles with custom GPS solutions programed into your devices and modify your bookings with just a click.

Reliable Ground Transportation

Our qualified dispatchers premeditate arrival delays and traffic conditions, continuously rerouting our fleet of over 50 vehicles to ensure ON TIME service.

Why Book Your Flight Crew Shuttle with BlackBus?

flight crew shuttleBlackBus is a provider of professional Airline Crew Transportation. We have risen to become one of the top transport companies in the country for International and Domestic Airliners, proudly serving airports in California & New York for over 25 years.

Our fleet of over 50 vehicles and fully-staffed dispatcher support center guarantee that crews will receive the transport and accommodation they need regardless of flight delays, cancellation, or modification. We understand this is part of the business & airliners should not have to worry whether or not their shuttle will be waiting when the plane is delayed or canceled.

BlackBus takes care of transport and accommodation for flight crews in accordance with airline and union regulations regardless of the circumstances, allowing airlines to trim costs and crews to rest comfortably during stop-overs.

Airline Crew Ground Transportation

Procurement of Busses and Shuttles for Flight Crews

BlackBus’s large fleet of shuttles and vans is able to accommodate your airline’s needs even in the busiest of times.

  • Flight Crew Shuttles
  • Distressed Passenger Shuttle
  • Luggage Delivery
  • Hotel Accommodation Procurement

Our shuttles are consistently monitored by a team of veteran dispatchers ensuring vehicles are always arriving and departing on time, via the safest and fastest routes.

1. Live GPS Monitoring: Our custom GPS solutions allow airlines to track our transport vehicles and their airline crew for the duration of our service period. In the case of traffic, emergency, or delay, you’ll always have eyes on your crew, enabling up-to-the-minute ETAs and Maximum Accountability.

2. 24/7 Service from a Live Representative: Immediate service is guaranteed from our support team—you will never encounter an answering machine. Our live representatives are extensively trained to deliver the quickest and most comprehensive solutions to airlines. Delays and modifications happen almost regularly, which is why our team is ready at a moments notice.

3. Personal Account Manager: A dedicated account manager is assigned to each airliner, taking on responsibilities such as invoicing and crew luggage storage as well as acting as a liaison for the airline. Don’t spend more on in-house coordinators—leave the management to us.

4. Accommodation Assistance: BlackBus organizes your crew’s stop-over arrangements from the time they step onto our shuttles until they are safely and punctually back at the gate. We provide full accommodation services through our partnerships with hotels, passing savings and peace of mind to our clients. Let us know if your airline needs assistance procuring hotels for your crews stop over.

5. Airline Transport, Simplified: BlackBus is much more than a transport service. It streamlines the entire stop-over process by organizing transport, accommodation, and providing custom solutions to airlines like 24/7 service, GPS tracking, and managers in the field. We ensure gate-to-gate reliability, regardless of unexpected circumstances common in the industry.

6. 24/7 Concierge Service for Flight Crew: Flight crews will have access to top-quality concierge services to ensure they are rested and ready to fly. Whether it’s laundry, dry cleaning, shopping, or any other errand, our staff are at the ready 24/7.

Professional, Simple, and Reliable, BlackBus is a decades-running industry leader in airline crew transport. Contact BlackBus today to learn more about our expertise.

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